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With proven excellence in healthcare, our platform is dedicated to women’s health, offering products and services all over the world to get the best healthcare and wellness medication that suits your body. We ensure the complete safety of women's healthcare, and hence the medicines offered on our website are reviewed by professional medical experts. The safe healthcare products proffered by us has led many women to wellness and healthful benefits.

Having a multinational presence, we provide our products in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Asia, and many other parts of the world with overnight delivery services. Be it as delicate as depression or as personal as a female condom and fertility care, the pharmacy covers a gamut of products and services.

One of our most demanded products includes abortion pills like Buy MTP kit online, Mifepristone, Misoprostol, Mifeprex, Cytolog, and Generic RU-486. We feel proud to have helped thousands of women around the world with our online products and services. There remain a few regions where women are still unaware of the process of medical termination of pregnancy.

We work towards educating women on how to use abortion pills that they receive from us.

What is a medical abortion?

Medical abortion is a strategy to end pregnancy non-surgically with a prescription. This technique is accessible to ladies who are under eight weeks of pregnancy. It is frequently referred to as the "abortion pill". It's basically 2 pills taken as suggested by a medical specialist. The first is taken at a medical facility. The following one is required to be taken within 24-48 hours (at the soonest) yet no later than 48 hours — at home. Not every woman is qualified to have a medical abortion. You should be at the initial 8 weeks of pregnancy weeks to go for a medical abortion.

How to intake the abortion pill?

To begin with, you take a prescription called mifepristone—it's one pill and is typically taken in that general area in the medical services center when the specialist endorses it. This pill prevents a pregnancy from developing But the cycle isn't finished at this point, the pregnancy actually must be taken out.

Mifepristone is an abortion pill that consists of anti-progesterone elements in it used for stopping pregnancy development. The user is asked to consume a 200-mg Mifepristone tablet on the day she receives it. Normal oral consumption is with a glass of water is the correct way of taking the pill. The user may not observe any change even after its use. Some women report encountering the continued symptoms of pregnancy.

Misoprostol is another abortion pill that is taken along with Mifepristone or any other anti-progesterone alternate drug. Both pills must be taken together. The medicine cannot end the pregnancy alone. Four tablets of Misoprostol 200 mcg each should be consumed 24 hours after the consumption of the first drug. There are two ways you can administer the medication. When you take it buccally, the pills are kept in the cheek pouches for 30 minutes. Similarly, when you take it vaginally, the Misoprostol abortion pills are inserted into the vagina one by one.

Side Effects Of Abortion Pills

The degree of pain can truly be different from lady to lady, however, there are normal manifestations that almost everybody will observe. excessive cramping and bleeding is the primary concern. 85%–95% of ladies report bleeding more intensely than they do during a hefty period—this is the manner by which the body removes the pregnancy.

These other regular manifestations can keep going for around 2 to about a month after the abortion:

  • Cramping and Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • vaginal spotting and bleeding
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Cerebral pain

The functioning of the Misoprostol abortion drug involves creating contractions in the lining of the uterus. It eventuates to pregnancy tissues being expelled by the uterus. Cramps and bleeding are the two changes that indicate the pregnancy termination procedure is underway, and the pregnancy will end soon. Apart from these two changes, the user may encounter a few side effects of abortion pills which go away as they are temporary.

Be it woman reproductive health or mental health, MySafePillsRx addresses all women's health concerns and gives them strength and support to withstand all adverse conditions. Through our products and services, we help them fight the problem and head to a healthy and positive environment. Our vision is to reach the treatment for all women who are in need of safe medications and guide them to a healthy life.

MySafePillsRx has always been transparent while providing information about abortion pills and the procedure of home abortion. Further, if the user gets stuck at any point in time during the process, the team of assists her to continue the process and you can buy abortion pills online to end the pregnancy safely.

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