A General Idea About Period Delay

Menstruation cycle comes up within every 21-27 days, following a cycle. When they are delayed, it can largely affect the stress and further lead women to believe that they are conceiving. Consequently, delayed periods are not always the sign of being pregnant and can largely mean lifestyle induced problems.

Consulting a doctor is useful in tackling the after effects, nevertheless, below are the reasons for which there could be a delay in the period or menstruation cycle of women.

PCOS/PCOD: Polycystic ovarian syndrome/disease is a condition where the egg in the ovary doesn’t fully develop properly on the schedule. The hormonal imbalances inside the body largely affect the women who suffer from PCOS, with a subsequent rise in progesterone. Additionally, cysts getting developed surrounding the ovaries does create lesser estrogen. The period delay is one of the many side effects which can happen during PCOS.

Fluctuations in weight/obesity: Weight gain has severe complications on the body of a woman. The sudden change in fat mass restricts many hormones, especially estrogen. Consequently, if it is increased all of a sudden, the estrogen levels rise making a change in period cycles. Conversely, even when the weight tends to get less than required there is a sign of period delay.

Obesity has a reputation for low metabolism. When the metabolism is low of an individual, subsequently there would be reductions in the cycles of menstruation.

Low carb diet/depletion diet: When carbs are restricted, mostly during ketosis, there is an increased concentration of androgen and decreased estrogen levels. This puts the ovary in a stressed state, which if followed for more days, leads to the subsequent issue of delayed menstruation. The energy levels of the body are also low because carbohydrate is the primary fuel of the body. Ordinarily, it takes time for the body to adapt to fats for energy, and usually, the irregularity in menstruation is seen. Thus, the low carbohydrate diet tends to show how often a cycle occurs in stages.

Sleep: Rest is a major process of the body to get rid of toxins, mostly when the body is adapting to a change in lifestyle. Without proper sleep, the body’s toxin does not get out of the system and causes a definitive issue which at times is irreversible. Lack of sleep even causes the body’s temperature to strikingly rise which further makes improvident regulations of the hormones. The uterus itself is a part of the body, hence when then the effect of stress becomes more, the body tends to show sign including irregularity in menstruation. One such issue is the delayed sleep syndrome, which is likely to have an impact on irregular menstrual periods.

These are few of the instances where one can experience issues with the regular menstruation cycle. Consequently, if the conditions worsen with time and there has been no menstruation in a span of two months, it is required to check with a gynecologist as to what is causing such type of issues.

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