How To Save Yourself And Others From COVID-19

Know how the virus spreads:

  • There is currently no vaccine to stop COVID-19
  • The virus is said to spread from person to person i.e

1- Between people who are in contiguous contact with each other.
2- Also with respiratory droplets produced when an infected person sneezes, coughs, or talks.
3- These droplets can enter in someone’s nose or mouth of people who are in close contact with them
4- some recent research has said that Coronavirus can be spread by people who are not having any symptoms.

Everyone should wash their hands often:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap for at least twenty seconds. Mainly after touching anything in a public place, sneezing, choking or blowing your nose.
  • If you are outside and if soap and water are not available then use a sanitizer that contains at least 60% of ethanol.
  • Do not touch your nose, face eyes, and mouth with dirty hands.

Maintain quarantine:

  • Evade close touch and communication with people and people who are ill.
  • Stay at home do not go outside unless necessary or important.
  • Maintain a distance between yourself and other people
  • Also, keep in mind that some people without any symptoms can also spread virus.
  • Maintaining distance from other people is very important for people who are at greater risk of getting ill and sick.

Wear a mask or cover your face while going out:

  • Cover your mouth with a cloth or wear a mask when others are around or while you are going outside. you can easily get Coronavirus even if you are not sick.
  • Everyone should wear a mask and cover their face when they are going out in a public place. For eg, to buy some necessities, or going out in a grocery store.
  • Face covering should not be done on young children below the age of 2 or anyone who has breathing issues, or is incapacitated, unconscious or otherwise helpless to remove the mask without help.
  • The cloth face cover or mask is meant to protect other people in case if you are infected.
  • Do not use a facemask intended for a healthcare worker.
  • Maintain to keep about 6 feet distance between yourself and others.
  • The cloth face cover is not meant or a substitute for social distancing.

Cover your cough: Cover your colds and coughs

  • If you are in a private space and do not have anything to cover your face then remember to always cover your mouth with a tissue when you even sneeze or cough or use the inside part of your elbow.
  • Throw the used tissues in the dustbin
  • Quickly wash your hands with water and soap, till its completely clean. If soap and water are not accessible then use a hand sanitizer that consists of 60% of alcohol.

Clean surfaces- Regularly clean and disinfect:

  • It is important to regularly disinfect and clean the surfaces. This consists of doorknobs, tables, countertops, desks, handles, light switches, keyboards, phones, faucets, toilets, and sinks.
  • If the surface is dirty clean them. Use soap, water or detergent to disinfect. Then use a household disinfectant.
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