Is Drinking Alcohol Safe During Medical Abortion?

When a woman plans for pregnancy termination everybody responds differently after that. Regardless of how you feel genuinely or emotionally, you need to deal with yourself. Many women have a concern about what to eat and can you be able to eat junk food and drink liquor,  subsequent to taking the abortion pill, and can you come back to a normal schedule easily. So let’s discuss in this blog what do you mean by medical abortion and what to eat while the procedure.

When you say medical abortion,  what do you mean by it:

  • Medical abortion utilizes abortion pills rather than a surgical procedure. This is only possible as long as 8 weeks from the 1st day of your last menstrual cycle. This may require affirmation by ultrasound during the initial visit.
  • It takes 2-3  weeks to complete the procedure. There is a 98% achievement rate; in 2% cases, there is a requirement of ending the abortion by a surgical procedure.
  • Ladies who choose this alternative should have the option to go to numerous medical visits within the first 2-4 weeks. And it is recommended to stay away from the liquor and sexual activities for 15 days.

How might I feel genuinely after an abortion?

There is no accurate way to feel after a medical or surgical abortion. You may have strong sentiments or you may not feel anything. Some women may feel regret, sadness, feeling of aloneness, trouble, outrage, or blame. You can feel various things immediately or be befuddled about how you feel.

So what should you do in such cases:

  • Purchase a thermometer if you don’t have one.
  • Measure the temperature each day and night for few days.
  • You can visit our website if you have issues.
  • Get back to college or office if you feel alright. Medical reasons are given if required.
  • Take anti-microbials, regardless of whether you feel better.
  • Adhere to all directions for dealing with yourself after an abortion.

What should you avoid doing when you are in your abortion process?

  1. Try not to use tampons until you finish the pregnancy test. They can cause irritation and complications in some cases.
  2. Do not lift heavy things or do any activities which can lead to difficulty for seven days. This may expand bleeding or contractions.
  3. Try not to engage in sexual relations until you finish the following test. This can cause disease, bleeding issues, etc.
  4. Do not embed anything into the vagina, including the whip, until the following test. This can lead to infection or disease.
  5. Do not drive for at least a day after accepting sedation.
  6. Avoid drinking liquor (it might interact with the ingestion of anti-biotics and likewise cause bleeding).

Some important points to keep in Mind:

  • You and your primary care physician can discuss the best an ideal opportunity to take online abortion pills:
  • For the first time you have to take Mifepristone and After two days, you’ll take misoprostol by embeddings the pills into your cheek pouches or vagina.
  • Seven days after your first visit, you will meet your medical practitioner again for a blood test and perhaps an ultrasound to check if the abortion was successful. If the abortion is completed, it’s finished. If pregnancy tissues are yet present, you can wait by one more week, take the dosage of misoprostol tablets, or have a surgical method. Further check-ups will be examined by your medical practitioner after this visit.
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