What is a Yeast Infection? What are its Symptoms?

There’s a thin line between healthy yeast and yeast infection. Yeast or vaginal discharge is most times considered as something obscene and gross. This has resulted in yeast infection being an issue long unspoken in women. However, vaginal yeast infections are quite common in women.

Since there’s all hush in women about yeast infection, there are 75% of women who face yeast infection while 15% of them have recurring ones. Thankfully women have begun considering it as an important aspect and hence buy women healthcare products online for their yeast infection problems.

If you suspect that you do not have a yeast infection, you can treat the discomfort and itching through antifungal medication which is easily available at any safe online pharmacy store.

What is a yeast infection?

You vagina generally has a presence of yeast and bacteria which is healthy for your reproductive organs. Lactobacilli, a bacteria grows in the vagina with the help of estrogen hormones present in a woman’s body.

Certain harmful organisms in the woman’s vagina can lead to health concerns. These bacterias keep the vagina healthy by killing such organisms which may harm the body in various ways. However, when something happens against this harmony maintained, it can create overbalance in the yeast and bacterias. As a result, candida, a harmful fungus can grow in the vagina causing a yeast infection.

Here are the symptoms of yeast infections which women must be aware of:

Itchiness and discomfort are the first signs that a woman would come across. However, yeast infection is not the only issue due to which women feel itchiness and discomfort. Therefore, women need to understand the other symptoms of yeast infection which are listed below.

  • Redness, the sensation of burning, swelling near the vaginal & genital area.
  • A sudden painful experience when urinating.
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • A thick ( similar to cottage cheese), yellow/green discharge which may have a bad smell.

When to see a doctor:

If you encounter the aforementioned problems occurring recurrently, you must get yourself checked at the earliest to avoid any kind of complex vaginal health situation. You must understand when it is a yeast infection and when you’re vagina is healthy. It is recommended that you monitor your vaginal discharge whenever it occurs.

The symptoms of yeast infection can show other, more consequential health conditions. This can include sexually transmitted diseases or bacterial vaginosis etc. To understand the actual problem behind the above-mentioned symptoms, you must consult your healthcare provider without a hesitance.

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