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How do you administer Misoprostol?

  • Cytolog pills comprise of active and inactive components. The active component which is responsible for abortion is Misoprostol.
  • The inactive components in the pill are sodium starch glycolate, hydrogenated castor oil, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, and microcrystalline cellulose.
  • These inactive components are responsible for taste, color, and other essential factors.

How does the medicine act in the body during the abortion procedure?

Misoprostol, a vital component present in the Cytolog medication is responsible for excessive uterine contractions. It also softens the fetus and helps to extend the cervical part for the removal of the dead tissue from the vagina with the help of vaginal bleeding.

How to Use Cytolog Pill?

Firstly, you will be given Cytolog pills to terminate your unwanted pregnancy up to 8 weeks. Your medical practitioner will suggest you to take the abortion pills at home. Similarly, we also recommend you to take the Cytolog abortion pill at home as you will observe bleeding and cramps.

Starting with its dosage: First, you will need to take Cytolog 800 mg which means 4 pills of Cytolog 200 mcg. You can take Cytolog in 2 methods:

One is buccal: In buccal place it in your both cheek pouches and keep it for 30 minutes. The pills will start dissolving and you do not have to drink water or eat anything in these 30 minutes.

The second method is Vaginal: In vaginal administration you need to insert the pills in the vagina. This method causes the least side effects. You need to push the tablet in your vagina and insert the tablets and leave them to absorb. Once you have inserted it then you can get up and move but it is suggested not to go for washroom as the pills might fall and it may result in incomplete abortion. So rest for a few hours as you will observe bleeding and cramps. This will lead to severe bleeding and passage of tissue. You can take painkillers if the pain is unbearable.

You can Buy Cytolog Online for a safe and effective medical abortion. The pill should be consumed within 63 days of gestation. After the gestation period, the abortion pills do not show effective results and can result in unwanted complications. Also, it is recommended to get a medical checkup done before consuming the abortion pills.

Casey Sheehan-
Cytolog is a very good product and I had a successful abortion for the second time. Thanks a lot mysafepillsrx for being my constant support and help.

Demetria Rogers-
Cytolog helped me in getting rid of my unplanned pregnancy. I was very worried if it would work but I felt the pain and cramps after taking it and after 3 hours the bleeding started. After 10 days I did my pregnancy test and it came negative. Just go for it.

Sonny Annaguey-
I had a miscarriage and the expert told me to take the Cytolog pill. As i took the pill the bleeding started. After passing 15 days I did a pregnancy test again and it came negative. Thanks a lot for helping me out and completing my miscarriage without any surgery.

Fernanda Tomazini-
The combination of Mifeprex and Cytolog work wonders. I did not observe any side effects or any complications as I took the pills as suggested and had a successful result.

Monica Sanmartin-
I recommend Cytolog to women who are planning to go for medical abortion. It is really effective and ends pregnancy completely. I had a successful abortion with it.

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Dosage pattern of Cytolog pills:

  • The pills can be administered in 2 ways one is by oral route and the other is vaginal. It is recommended to consume the pills within 63 days as soon as after the last day of the menstrual cycle. For better and effective results Cytolog Abortion Pill is taken with Mifepristone an anti-progesterone that blocks the progesterone. So first you need to take Mifepristone 200 mg and then wait for 1-2 days and then take 4 pills of Cytolog (i.e 200 mcg each)
  • Each tablet contains 200 mcg of Misoprostol in it. These pills should be kept under the tongue or on your cheek pouches until it gets fully dissolve.The minimum time you have to keep the pill is 30 minutes.
  • After taking the Cytolog dosage you may experience severe contractions and excessive bleeding.
  • Do not overdose this medicine as it can cause some severe complications.
  • Thus, it is very important to consult a medical practitioner before you Buy Abortion Pills Online.

When should you avoid the intake of Cytolog pills?

Cytolog pills should not be taken at home if you are 18 years and below or above 35 years of age. In such cases, medical abortion should be carried under the guidance of a health care expert so that you do not have any further complications. Women having a medical history should be very careful before taking abortion pills.

What are the side effects of the Cytolog Abortion Pill?

  • There are no severe side effects of Cytolog pills
  • Some common side effects are weakness, vomiting, vaginal bleeding, nausea, stomach ache, etc. These side effects may fade off but if it does not go away within a few days then consult a medical expert.
  • It is recommended to take a rest after taking the abortion pill so that you can recover faster. Eat a good diet and do not indulge in sexual activity until your abortion process gets completed.

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