Female Condoms
Size: Regular(Female Condoms)
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The female condom is described as a pouch that is inserted into the vagina, greatly reducing the risk of pregnancy.

emily anderson-
Hey, this is very long-lasting and durable also it has a good aroma coming out of it which is really good hahaha thanks for the fast delivery and im happy with this genuine product.

Olympics Nikitina-
the condoms are very comfortable. also, thin so that you can enjoy the feeling when it penetrates

All Reviews Of Product..
  • First, ensure enough lubrication on the outside or the closed end of the condom.

  • Get into a position of squat or on leg up, preferable comfortable position.
  • Squeeze the closed side end of the ring and insert into the vagina.
  • Continue pushing the inner ring deep into the vagina, until it hits the cervix.
  • Refer a couple of videos before advancing ahead.
  • The outer ring should be hanging outside the vaginal opening.
  • Just after intercourse, carefully remove the condom twisting the outer ring and pulling it out of the vagina.

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