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What are the uses of the MTP Kit?

MTP kit can be utilized for the following conditions mentioned below:
  • Pregnancy termination: It is widely used for terminating an unwanted pregnancy that is under 8 weeks. In some cases, it is also used up to 10 weeks but it can lead to incomplete abortion. Thus, it is better to use it in the earliest weeks of pregnancy.
  • Causing Menses: Used to start menses in some situations where women are having period issues.
  • Causing Labor: It is used to cause labor if the fetus is found dead or if there is any severe issue with the fetus.
  • Others: It is also used to treat health issues such as gastric, meningioma, breast cancer, duodenal ulcer, etc.

What are the Important precautions of the Mtp kit?

MTP Kit online pills contraindicate with some different drugs and thus, you have to ensure that you don't utilize any of the prescriptions which do not cooperate and bring about adverse reactions.
Some of the components like magnesium, grapefruit juice, liquor, and smoke do interact with the abortion pill and therefore you have to limit or stop the utilization of such things. Also, do not drink liquor while you are on the medical abortion as it may cause critical side effects.

While having a medical termination it is essential that you do abstain from enjoying sexual movement or physical work as these exercises can influence you in a negative way.

After 15 days of taking the abortion pill, you are required to go for an ultrasound check-up to confirm that your pregnancy termination has taken place successfully. If in case, your ultrasound test shows that your pregnancy tissue is still persisting then you may have to go for a surgical abortion. Your medical practitioner may guide you on the further process.

Thus, it is essential to take proper dosage and precautions after you buy MTP Kit. We also have an overnight shipping facility so you can get the pills easily in case of an emergency.

MTP Kit is the best abortion pill for the termination of pregnancy.

I was worried during the process as I was on my 8th week but thank god it got completed successfully, it was paining a lot at the start but now I am feeling more normal. Thank you so much for supporting me and helping me.

I ordered an MTP kit from this website the delivery was guaranteed within 5 days but I got it after 4 days. It might be because of covid but my abortion was successful. Thank you

Thanks for the on time delivery even during the lockdown. Packing was good and pills were delivered at a given time. I will surely recommend it to others.

MTP Kit is really awesome and worth it. I got both the pills in one kit. Such a money-saving kit.

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The procedure of using the MTP Kit:

  • MTP Kit contains two abortion pills, Mifepristone, and Misoprostol the procedure of medical abortion begins when you take Mifepristone 200 mg.
  • This pill contains Anti-progesterone components and this component in the medication works with the purpose to obstruct the pregnancy hormones. So by blocking the pregnancy hormones, the pregnancy stops.
  • When you are finished with administering the Mifepristone pill you have to maintain a gap of 1-2 days and then intake Misoprostol pills 800 mcg.
  • This is a prostaglandin pill from the MTP kit which works with the aim to cause contractions in the uterus and remove the pregnancy tissues from the uterus with the help of vaginal bleeding and spotting.
  • Mifepristone and Misoprostol pills from MTP Kit work altogether and assists women to eject the embryo and cause abortion.

Side effects symptoms you should know before you buy MTP Kit online:

  • Cramping, vaginal bleeding, and blood clots can be observed as the common symptoms of the side effects after abortion. However, nausea, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, fatigue can be observed as side effects of abortion pills.
  • You are required to monitor the side effects after you consume the abortion pill so that if any severe symptoms are observed you can promptly seek medical assistance and help them to get managed.

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