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When the first pill is taken, the fetal development is stopped. Some may experience light bleeding. The second pill induces cramps nearer to lower abdomen followed by some intense cramps and bleeding. These two are the symptoms of medical abortion which must occur with every user. Both the pills have to be administered to ensure the pregnancy termination is completed. Although, a medical check-up is needed for the confirmation of pregnancy.

Great Service, thanks for sending the abortion kit on time during lockdown

After taking the abortion pill I experienced cramping and bleeding and my abortion process was completed with ease without involving any kind of surgery.Thank you so much to delivered pills on time

Very fast delivery for my product Mtp Kit.Thanks for helping me

I took the first pill, around 6 pm, experienced absolutely nothing from the first pill. Then I took the 4 pills correctly after 24 hours later, the only side effects I experienced were diarrhea, cramping, a bit of nausea, and my tongue felt unusual from the pills. The cramping started within the first 12 minutes of the pills being in my mouth. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate them an 8 or 9 effective result.

Take the pills as suggested to avoid unwanted complications. I have completed my abortion safely by following all the necessary precautions.

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For abortion, the first pill is taken with water on a dose of 200 mg orally once. Following 24 hours, the second pill of misoprostol can be used by putting the tablets in each cheek pouch keeping it there for around half an hour. For any additional remains swallow it with water. It can also be done by ingesting vaginally. Pregnancy termination is not completed if one vomits within using the second pill, or urinates if used vaginally.

If there is any doubt about the pregnancy, it is required to visit the doctor and monitor the nature of the bleeding.

Adversely, some side effects are reported. The consequence side effects include vaginal bleeding, fatigue, chest pain, cough, fever, body sores, difficulty in urination. Some additional difficulties include diarrhea, anxiety, vomiting, nausea, tremors, insomnia, weakness, and gastric issues. Consult a doctor immediately if any conditions continue to further stay.

Usually, the side effects are quite harmless and can be tackled easily.

Patient Info: Carefully read the patient information before further commenting. It is advisable that the pills be used only three times in a lifespan, to avoid any further negative issues. Do not smoke/drink/ have sexual intercourse after the abortion process.

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