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Norethisterone medication is used to make delay in the menstrual cycle. The body's progestogen hormone is primarily responsible for maintaining the lining of the uterus in a female. Before a woman goes to menstruation, this hormone's level goes down which dominantly cause shredding of uterine wall, seen to the body as menstruation.

The medicine acts by keeping the levels of progestogen normal and not dropping further, which doesn't allow the lining of the uterine to further shed away. The overall process delay's the menstruation and is known as a period delay.

The drug is also used for secondary treatment in pain during period, heavy or irregular periods and a condition of premenstrual syndromes.

This is a hormone replacement medicine used for delaying periods. The body acts with a combination of the hormone estrogen in delayed menstruation. Described as a highly effective progesterone hormone which mainly affects the uterus in preventing the bleeding process. The medicine is a synthetic form of progestogen which is pure. This makes it on the high side of giving androgenic effects with less to no estrogen effects to the body in due course.

My period delay was reviewed by a doctor and I was prescribed this. It reduces even the pain and cramps, along with delay. Act well on the delay of periods, and even for pain.

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Take the medication on selected days during the menstrual cycle or in a continuous period, consulting with the healthcare expert. It can be taken with or without food.

The maximum effectiveness of the medicine works when one consults for an ideal dose depending on the body. Usually, one tablet is prescribed every day within the same time frame. The administration should be continuous for a stipulated time, and no interruption between pill every day for a course.

Often it is also taken three times in a day depending on the course suggested by a healthcare administrative. It may require scheduling beforehand as one may need to take the first dose just before 3 days of the expected menstrual cycle. This is effective and easy for women who have a regular period, but difficult for women who have irregular periods. It largely depends on the person as when she wants to have her period, in a matter of two or three days. If one takes the medicine for a course of 20 days, she can delay the period and menstruation for about 15-17 days.

Dosage is based on your medical condition and response to the medication.

Some common side effects include changes in period

A headache and Feeling sick are other side effects. Some rare and additional side effects may arise of a Migraine, a high blood pressure, fever, aches mostly in the abdomen.

Patient Info: Carefully read the patient information before further advancing.

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