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Femara by Madicken

Femara I have been advised this medication from my gynecologist.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

Norethisterone by Victoria

Norethisterone My period delay was reviewed by a doctor and I was prescribed this. It reduces even the pain and cramps, along with delay. Act well on the delay of periods, and even for pain...

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]

Naproxen (Aleve) by Berangaria

Naproxen (Aleve) It really helped in easing the pain. Period cramps, they are worst. This works! I bought this as my doctor advised, it is really good for tackling period problems...

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! [3 of 5 Stars!]

Ponstel by Anne

Ponstel Period pain is the worst, this really helped. I would suggest everyone with this medication, just be careful of the dose. It really helped me during days of severe period pain!..

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

Zoloft by viora

Zoloft The medication requires a prescription, got it after consulting with doctors, and it does help. I got anxiety disorder and was prescribed this, only use when necessary...

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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