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MTP Kit by Maeve

MTP Kit I had my 4 weeks pregnancy ended two weeks ago, I have an irregular periods so I didn't notice it until I had a blood test for a different purpose at a clinic. I immediately got on this website to find suitable abortion pills and found this MTP Kit. After using it I feel that this was the best choice for me...

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MTP Kit by Charlotte

MTP Kit I was 6 weeks pregnant and i was suggested to take MTP Kit. i was worried whether the abortion will get complete or not but fortunately the pills worked well and my abortion got completed!..

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Xenical (Orlistat) by Amelia

Xenical (Orlistat) I was just getting fat day by day and wondered what was the issue behind this. finally I thought of going to a doctor and tell him my problem. after the checkup my doctor recommended me Xenical pills and gave me a diet plan. i started following it and took the pills as prescribed and guess what it started showing its result. i am very happy with the pills...

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Canesten by Amelia

Canesten The infection was getting worse and the infection was spreading all over but thanks to the Canesten pill. It got cured within 2 days. Thanks a lot for delivering me the pills so early...

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MTP Kit I was worried whether MTP will end my pregnancy or will i have to go for surgical abortion but finally, when i took the MTP Kit it showed me the results as expected and the side effects stayed for few days but its normal now, Thanksss!!!..

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Mifepristone by Carol

Mifepristone Mifepristone pill is great, I was 2 weeks pregnant and just by taking mifepristone I started bleeding and my pregnancy ended easily. Thanks a lot!..

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